Migrating to WordPress

This is the first post after migrating my blog to WordPress. I used to use Blogspot earlier but since I moved my server. I thought of moving all my posts to my personal WordPress. Currently I have a couple of plugins that do a couple of tricks.

  1. WassUp Plugin
    It is a plugin which keeps track of all the visitors and draws graphs for you.
  2. SEO Optimization Plugin
    This plugin all your pages for Search Engines.

Currently the traffic to my blog is close to 0. Just me hitting the website. I’m not sure if the domain is appropriate. It is thomas.ramapuram.net ie My name Thomas Ramapuram with net appended to it. I could always change if it it does not fit the bill.

Today I also promised myself that I would make atleast one post a day which is proving to be difficult. Getting topics to write on is not very easy. I hope it gets easy after a couple of weeks.

Wish me luck and comment on anything you would like to.


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