First Look at PHPList

We needed to implement an application that could send news letters to a list of subscribers. The first thing that came to my mind was to set up a mailing list because that was the usual way to go. However a friend suggested an application called PHPList.
As with most applications studying the UI is the most difficult part. However the features that PHPList offers is pretty cool. And would fit right in for our Newsletter applicaiton.
Since we are all lazy to implement the infrastructure to manage lists of users, their subscription, an option for them to unsubscribe, change their attributes, monitor views etc.
All these are implemented in PHPList. Our newsletter also needed to send customised letters to all the users. Ie the mail should contain the Users name.

PHPList has a feature where you can get the content of a message from a website. What we did was implement a JSP that took an attribute (ie. Name and added that attribute to the output) now PHPList could grab the page after passing the Name of the user. This fit right in to how we wanted our application.

I will let you know how it progresses.

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