Immortal Animal

I read article today on a species of jellyfish called turritopsis nutricula. It may the only animal to have found the fountain of youth.

Below is a picture of this beauty.

Immortal Jellyfish
Immortal Jelly Fish (Turritopsis Nutricula)

It achieves immortality by a process called transdifferentiation. You can read more about in here


I started this blog to post notes to myself on the problems I faced and the eventual solutions that I worked out for them. If you notice my earlier posts they are mainly about Mysql, Java and other computer programming related stuff. However recently I seem to be blogging more about faith and philosophy. I have been taking the easy route of posting videos on YouTube which is a pretty easy thing to do.

Although I am very passionate about the subject matter of these videos I find it difficult to express my thought on them. Recently my posts seem to tend more towards faith than technology. Even the videos I post on technology seem to be cool trivial tech and not languages and tools that I currently work with.

What that in mind I am making an effort to:

  1. Post atleast one post a day.
  2. Add atleast a 50 word comment if I am posting a video.
  3. Add a section called Cool Tech
  4. Post move evenly to all topics

Intially it may be difficult since I take around 30 minutes to write a 250 word post but I feel that in time it will get easier

Like I mentioned earlier. My blog is a reminder to myself on what id felt and did at a perticular point in time. I will try to improve my writing skills and sound more positive. To improve my skills I would be reading articles and doing excersises given below.

I shall post back regarding my progress. So for those of you who read this post. Thanks for reading.